Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating


The book Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating is now available to download in PDF format for free (yes, the whole thing!) at The book is 216 pages long, but the PDF file is only a little over a meg.

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  1. shotput

    Has anyone seen the New Hummer H3 commercial entitled, “Restore your Manhood”??? I am disgusted by General Motors. It shows a man purchasing Tofu at the grocery store, and behind him another man is purchasing a large amount of meat. The Tofu man is embarassed because of his “choice” in veganism SO has to promptly leave the grocery and purchase a new H3 in order to “Restore his Manhood.” This is very repulsive!!! If a person comes to the enlightened state that they should not eat meat for ethics or ANY other reason, do you think he’ll be embarassed by that choice??? GM has now fallen below the point of no respect from me!

  2. Erin

    I am just about speechless. The advertising agency, GM and anyone else involved in the production of this commercial has no soul… seriously.
    What kind of message is that to send- you’re not a man unless you consume excessively–
    I am a vegan, but it goes far beyond that…
    I wish I could write more eloquently about this, but I am shocked/appalled and rationality seems to have temporarily escaped me.

  3. Voogles

    GM is a company — not a person — and Erin is correct, it has no soul . . . literally. GM sells products. One such product is called the Hummer.

    Only certain consumers are interested in such a product. GM targets those specific consumers through marketing, such as TV advertisements, hoping to generate sales, increase revenues, and make shareholders happy. To reach those consumers, GM must make generalizations, and (yes, I said it) even use stereotypes, because a TV ad is a very general marketing vehicle.

    The generalization GM has made in this commercial is that people who buy Hummers (generally) aren’t concerned with America’s consumption of gas, aren’t female, and certainly aren’t vegans. I am certain that GM has millions and millions of dollars worth of market research to back this up. Therefore, this commercial speaks to that subset of our general population.

    I am quite certain that an ad for a GM hybrid vehicle would be very different, because the market for that product is very different as well, perhaps even the opposite of the market for the Hummer.

    GM’s commercials are not political statements and this Hummer commerical is not an attack on vegans (male or female). GM is not running for office or writing legislation. It is trying to sell products because its shareholders (the owners of the company) expect GM to make money. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Now, with that said, does GM have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen? Yes. Should it conduct research about alternative fuels and the like? Yes. Does it do these things because it is altruistic or does it do them because the market will reward it if it is successful? The latter. Why? Because GM is a company.

  4. Joanna

    I’m really bothered by this commercial.
    I’ve been submitting a bunch of pictures to FUH2. My most recent sighting of a Hummer was at an army recruiting booth where they had 2 on display.
    I’ve been looking to buy a bumper sticker that says “a hamburger stops a beating heart”. If anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know.

  5. Danielle

    Joanna, check Pangea at They have the “A Hamburger Stops a Beating Heart” on a button and a T-shirt, and I’m pretty sure they have a bumper sticker, too.

  6. Joanna

    Thanks, but they don’t have the sticker. :(

  7. Ariella

    I know someone that is related to a hummer dealer. According to this car dealer, a lot of women buy these vehicles. Even the really big one. GM knows this and still made this ad. Maybe they something we do not??

  8. Blaine

    I really think the ad agency messed up on this one. If you think about it, the ad takes a jab at actual Hummer owners themselves. If I were a Hummer owner (never was, never will be), I would actually be offended by this. The ad is basically saying that any guy who owns a Hummer is so emasculated that he had to compensate by buying one.

    Now, every time I see a guy driving a Hummer, I’m thinking, “Yeah, what a wuss.”

  9. Ariella

    Actually, I think the ads poke fun not at the owners, but those of us that have a generally negative view of anyone that buys a hummer. Even if we know nothing about the person. You know, the set of assumptions we all have when we see someone driving a hummer. We don’t need to talk the person, we already know their whole story.

    I can’t imagine anyone is developing a new opinion about hummer because of these ads. Those of us that hate SUV’s still do, those that love hummer still do.

  10. val

    I am apalled that this commercial. I think Im going to write a letter to GM… Offending somebody’s veganism is just as bad as offending someone’s race.

  11. Anonymous

    I find that commerical incredible considering that research has shown that healthy diets (read: tofu and veggies) have lower incidents of erectile dysfunction. So, not that I want to feed into the absurd stereotyping, but it is ironic. The tofu guy would more likely be “a real man” with no need to “reclaim his manhood” because he eats tofu and not the side of cow the other man is buying!

    From the research –
    “In particular, the prevalence of unhealthy dietary patterns and physical inactivity were significantly higher in men with ED.”

    International Journal of Impotence Research (2006) 18, 370�374.

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