Tofutti Cuties


Thanks to Rob’s recommendation in a comment to a previous entry, I decided to pick up a box of Tofutti Cuties. Verdict: good stuff! I’d really like to try their Mint Chocolate Chip Cuties sometime.

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  1. kelli

    The mint are the best!

  2. DJ

    I think the mint ones tast a bit off. I like the chocolate ones.

  3. Freda

    oh yes these cuties are a delicious alternative to ice cream. BUT have you noticed the high fructose corn syrup? It is equal to trans fatty acids in being an UN-HEALTHY FOOD. In the no sugar added cuties they have added aspartame. I have a minor in nutrition-that stuff turns into phamaldihide in your GI tract. please write the Tofutti people and ask for safer incredients. Spleenda, Stevia, maybe even fructose. I want a healthy alternative. PLEASE

  4. Alan

    Where can i but tofutti cuties sandwichs in the San Jose Area Thank you L

  5. Alan

    Where can i but tofutti cuties sandwichs in the San Jose Area Thank you L

  6. marcie

    I live in the San Jose Area, I get cuties at Whole Foods, Molly stones and my local health food store in Palo Alto (Country Sun).

  7. Isaac Dweck

    Yea Cuties are not healthy at all, thats why I always wonder why they are sold in health food stores. Guess since its a specialty food. But if you love those Soy Delicious makes these sandwiches called Lil’ Buddies and they taste amazing, have top ingredients, and are much bigger in portion.

  8. sandy

    I have been buying the pint containers of Tofutti.
    It tastes great. Is it really not healthy?

  9. fructose

    Check out this introduction article on Fructose:

  10. Russell LaKusta

    Where can I buy Vanilla cuties in the Port Jefferson Station area of New York (11776)?

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