“Are you a vegan?”


It’s kind of funny… a lot of people recently have been asking me, “You’re not vegan, are you?” I think the assumption comes from the fact that I substitute soy cheese for regular cheese almost always when I’m cooking or making sandwiches as well as the almond and soy milk in the fridge (right next to cow’s milk, though). My response: “Nope… but I have cut back on dairy and eggs.”

I don’t know whether I’ll ever make the jump towards veganism, but even now, I’m trying to be as “cruelty-free” as possible (buying strictly organic milk, sour cream, etc.) as well as cutting back on cheese (due mainly to the saturated fat content).

Now if I can just cut back on those Double Stuf Oreos… :)

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  1. Robert

    Two things I hate to hear (concerning vegetarianism): “If it weren’t for chicken, I could be a vegetarian” and “Yeah, I’m a vegetarian but I’m not some animal rights nut”. All those people should keep their mouths shut because they are taking up air that could be better used for my raunchy jokes.

  2. Ryan

    I think most of the people that say the second phrase probably aren’t “real” vegetarians and eat fish on a regular basis or meat/chicken on occasion (rather than never). This is all based on the use of the word “nut,” of course… someone *can* be a vegetarian without animal rights being their main concern, but if it’s *strictly* for health reasons, then it’s more likely that they occasionally “indulge” in meat.

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