A rundown of soy ice creams


With summer approaching, I’ve been trying a number of different non-dairy ice creams. Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I’ve tried so far:

  • Tofutti. Probably the most well-known soy-based ice cream, Tofutti lives up to its reputation. Their chocolate was absolutely excellent. I’d really like to try their “Too-toos” and their ice cream sandwiches.
  • Organic Soy Delicious. Far and away the healthiest of all the non-dairy ice creams, Soy Delicious uses only organic ingredients and has almost no saturated fat (the other brands can have some pretty significant amounts). While I’m not a huge fan of the Creamy Vanilla, I’m absolutely in love with their Mint Marble Fudge.
  • Super G Dreamy Tofu. A vegan friend introduced me to the Giant Foods store brand non-dairy ice cream. I was skeptical since it was “Super G,” but it turned to be extremely good. I’ve only had their peanut butter, but I polished off a pint mighty quickly.

With the exception of the Cream Vanilla flavor of Soy Delicious, I think most of the varieties I’ve tried would please most fans of ice cream. The flavor and consistencies are quite close to “the real thing” and are great alternatives to ice cream for vegans and those that are lactose intolerant.

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  1. Rob Martin

    Just a comment on Soy Delicious: I too am a big fan of this stuff. I’ve tried the mint marble fudge and it is phenomenal. However, my favorite flavor would have to be silken chocolate (or something like that…I forget the exact name). I think it’s better than any ice cream I ever tried.

    Tofutti is good stuff. You should definately try Tofutti Cuties (the ice cream sandwiches). Again, better than any real ice cream sandwiches I ever had.

  2. Ryan

    Rob — I think I might swing by Healthway tonight and pick up a package (they were advertising them as being on sale for $1.99).

  3. Evelyn

    Oh my gosh, they sell the Soy Delicious Mint Mania chocolate coated ice cream sandwich at my local corner store… Probably the most delicious ice cream sandwich I have EVER tried. 265 calories. Not bad for something this good.

  4. Brian

    Peanut Butter Tofutti Cuties are the best dessert/confectionary ever made in the whole history of the world. They taste like ice cream butterfinger…..

    I find that Tofutti has the most convincing Vanilla flavour, whereas some of the other brands of Vanilla taste like soy (which I still like). Soy Delicious, I think, overall is best, with the largest flavour variety, but Tofutti’s vanilla is best, and their cuties are the best sandwich.

  5. Jody

    For those that like the Soy Delicious brand, have you tried Double Rainbow’s Soy Cream? I’m curious about how the two brands compare. I LOVE the Double Rainbow Soy Cream .. I can’t tell the difference between that and real ice cream! YUM!

  6. summer

    soy delicious, is an ok ice cream, but what i personally like is “rice dream” a rice based ice cream, it comes in yummy flavors, like orange cream.


  7. Menshahat

    Does anybody know of any good, student friendly(cheap) vegan/vegetarian places to eat in London? I’m new here and really missing some soy protein

  8. Jen

    I am pretty sure Tofutti has HFCS in most of its varieties, and Soy Delicious ice cream bars do as well. I think the Double Rainbow brand and Soy Delicious “Decadent” variety are the most tasty.

  9. Danielle

    Jen, Tofutti does use HFCS, so I eat Soy Delicious or Double Rainbow. I love the Soy Delicous Almond Vanilla Bars–vanilla soy ice cream covered in chocolate and almonds. Ohhh, so yummy.

  10. Vegan Sommelier

    Well, I guess it just goes to show that everyone’s tastes are different… I don’t care for Soy Delicious *at all*! I find Double Rainbow’s Soy Cream to be vastly superior; it’s the only brand I like.

  11. Jenn

    The Double Rainbow Cinnamon Caramel is unbelievable!

  12. Tom

    The Cinnamon Caramel tastes like a cinnamon donut in ice cream form. It’s awesome!

  13. Michelle

    By far the best Soy Ice cream my husband and I have had is MochaMix brand (they also make a non dairy creamer). The texture is that of real ice cream so much so I had to check the package twice to see if I was duped. We have had the So Delicious “gourmet” mixes and they are good too, teaxure is a bit “frozen” not creamy. Double rainbow makes a really enjoyable cherry vanilla. The tofutti cuties are good but watch out they are loaded in fat and calories for how small they are.

  14. Donnie

    I have eaten soy ice creams for years and Double Rainbow’s Soy Cream is awesome in comparison to any other. My whole family agrees. Our favorite flavors are Mint Chocolate Chip and Butter Pecan. It’s impossible to enjoy any other brands once you’ve tried it. The only problem is we have a very hard time finding it, the distribution is really poor currently. As others above have said: It tastes like delicious dairly ice cream.

  15. Barbara

    I’m a huge fan of all the Turtle Mountain ice creams, not just the So Delicious, but also the Purely Decadent Dairy-free. The Raspberry A La Mode is out of this world! It’s rich and creamy, with pieces of chocolate brownie and raspberry sauce! And I agree with what Robb Martin said (gee…way back in 2001!) The So Delicious Chocolate Velvet is the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tasted!

  16. Michelle

    For some reason I adore Tofutti Cuties but find Tofutti straightup from the container nearly inedibly sticky-sweet.

    The best thing in the world may be the Double Rainbow Soy Cream Cinnamon Caramel. The flavors are sharp and amazing and the texture is wonderful.

  17. Teresa

    I’m sitting here eating “Very Cherry Chip” Soy Cream. Oh my goodness!!! It’s so delicious. The chunks of Cherry are amazing!!!! I can’t believe it’s Soy!!~~~~~Watch out Ben and Jerry.
    I’ve only tried this flavor. Thanks for all the comments re: other flavors.

  18. Mark

    Where can I find Double Rainbow soy products in the San Jose area. Actually, anywhere between Santa Clara and Fremont, California. Trader Joe’s used to carrry it, but stopped. Loved their mango sorbet and vanilla soy combo. Anyone? Thanks.


    I’ve tried the Tofutti Cuties ice cream sandwiches and they are so delicious. If you’ve eaten the dairy ice cream sandwiches growing up as a child – as I have, you will love the Cuties. I can’t taste the diff.

  20. icescream

    I just tried Nada Moo for the first time and it’s sooooo good. It’s made with coconut instead of dairy…so not exactly soy ice cream.
    I tried the mint chocolate chip. There’s a coconut flavor to it, but I think it makes it even tastier! (If you hate coconut don’t try it)
    It’s pretty low calorie for ice cream too.

  21. Sheryl Modesti

    The Very Cherry Chip is outstanding. I am severely allergic to all milk products and this has saved me. It is better than regular ice cream, no stomach bloat, and the taste and texture is remarkable. I would never know I was eating Soy. You definitely have it down!

  22. Roger E. Meier

    I live in the 54943 zip code and am interested in finding a place that I can purchace soy ice cream.

  23. Natnyah

    I’ve found that “Purely Decadent” is amazing! I’ve never seen “Double Rainbow” or Nadamoo, but they sound delicious. Where can I find them? We travel full time.

  24. Arthur L. Brown Sr.

    I am not able to eat any dairy now (60 yrs. old and non dairy for the last 8) and I find myself comparing all non dairy items to the original dairy. In ice cream the Rice products get very hard on refreeze, as in take out a pint eat some 10 minutes later at room temp put it back in the freezer a day later take it out, ROCK HARD, SOY DELICIOUS and other TURTLE MOUNTAIN products do not do that. the DOUBLE RAINBOW brand does not seem to be found in Alaska so I can’t compare, the TOFFUTTI brand is ok but not my preferred. but I am looking for more novelties than a sandwich. How about a DRUMSTICK or a DREAMSICKLE, or a SIDEWALK SUNDAE? Oh well, thats life.

  25. Caroline.

    What’s a good store to buy soy products from in 561 area?? I have never even tried soy ice cream before, but just found out that I am lactose intolerant.

  26. brinkley

    my latest find was ‘purely decadent’ AND IT IS!…only
    tried the peanut-butter-chocolate flavor which is winning
    so far – says on label coconut milk is added to most flavors.
    been a fan of Rice Dream and Soy Dream since trader joe’s
    stocked these back in the day (1997-2001) when i first tried
    soy/non-dairy, and switched for GOOD now going on 10yrs.
    that Rice Dream strawberry i had last wk was captivating.
    So Delicious is my usual standby so can’t say ’nuff ’bout it.
    also back in the day when i only knew of/enjoyed Tofutti it seemed there was a sidewlksundae/ice cream bar (and others) around…it depended on where one ended up on the trek…

  27. anna

    What groceries carry soy ice cream? I am in the 40502 area code

  28. Kelsey Koala

    Is soy ice cream naturally low in sugar and cholesterol free?

  29. ryan

    Kelsey — Definitely not naturally low in sugar (though I suspect there are low-sugar varieties), but yes, soy ice cream (like all non-animal products) is cholesterol free.

  30. Peter

    I like soy ice cream. I usually buy them at Asian grocery stores. They come in multiple flavors and texture.

  31. Maureen Martin

    Hello! I have just found out at the age of 42 that I am allergic to milk~may explain why pretty much most of my life I feel rotten, lol!
    I am now making major changes in my diet. Is there somewhere I can check to find where these products are sold? My email is [email protected] Any help is greatly appreciated~Thanks so much~Marnie/Maureen

  32. MyragC

    I am trying to get off dairy all together. I am now off milk and do Organic Soy. I miss the ice cream but ill now look for these brands at WholeFoods and check them out. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

  33. Vince-Florida

    I read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live,” and I’m trying to find out where to get soy ice cream.
    I have saved your website to my favorites and enjoyed the blogs.

  34. ryan

    Vince – good news! Soy ice cream is super, super easy to find. Pretty much every regular old grocery store carries it. You’ll probably see the So Delicious brand (they also have coconut milk-based ice creams). It may be kept separate from the dairy ice creams, though, so don’t be afraid to ask.


  35. Susan

    I love Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy – especially in the Cherry Chocolate Chip. I could eat it everyday- beware! The Mango flavor makes an amazing lassi-like shake.

  36. Phyllis

    So Delicious soy ice cream — fruit juice sweetened — has become impossible to find in NYC. Any suggestions?

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