Pasta Fagioli

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This weekend I cooked my first meal for non-family members. No one collapsed after eating it, so I guess it came out pretty well. :)

I served up what is becoming my “specialty” (if you can call it that), Pasta Fagioli from Lorna Sass’ book. As a side dish, I tried out a new recipe from the Moosewood at Home cookbook, Seasoned Tempeh. It was simple enough—strips of three-grain organic tempeh sauteed in a basic marinade with soy sauce at its base. The end result was decent—I wouldn’t use it as a main dish, but it was a good side dish and probably would have been good in a salad.

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  1. Kevin R. Jones

    I find Lorna Sass a great inspiration, and the first to make vegan or vegetarian cooking flavorful, (beats that first Moosewood book hands down!) One trick I’ve been employing with many of her pressure cooker recipes is to throw in some variety dried mushrooms whole like shitakes, (Chinatown has them all very cheap) before you cover and seal the lid. They always make the stock so much richer and more complex. Plus, you can eat them whole afterwards after trimming them. I have also been adding dried variety chiles whole, (cheap in Mexican markets), to many recipes. They can really charge a recipe with smokiness, heat, or so much else, depending on the variety. You won’t regret trying either of these, unless you’re allergic, of course.

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