The plural of flax is flaxen


Vegetarians can have trouble getting the necessary Omega-3 fatty acids from plant-based soruces. The main source for the extremely beneficial Omega-3’s are fish-based sources, but true vegetarians don’t have many choices. However, one that is supposedly quite good is Fortified Flax by Omega Life. In addition to providing necessary Omega-3’s, it also provides fiber and a number of other vitamins and minerals. I picked some up recently in the crushed seed form (a fine powder) and have started to add it to dishes, sandwiches, etc. I was worried it would add a dirt-like taste or texture to my food, but it hasn’t. In fact, I could barely even tell it was there. It cooked up nicely with spaghetti sauce and soup and also worked well sprinkled on a sandwich.

Good stuff.

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  1. Terry M.

    RYan, sorry this is off-topic, but do you realize that your definitions of *-vegetarian permit the consumption of pork, veal, and venison?

  2. Ryan

    Good point. Most of the ones I’ve seen on the web do the same thing. I wonder where those three fit in for “pollo-vegetarians”…

    Anyway, I’ll have to fix those. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Arjan

    I started eating flax…but I really enjoy flax in breakfast cereals such as my Nature’s Path Flax Plus cereal, and Optimum Power. Have you tried them? They tastes so good and provides the nutrients I need as a vegetarian.

  4. Lazurii

    Flax seed oil is 57% omega-3. Not too shabby. The only problem is you can’t cook with it. But I would say that straight flax seed oil is a better source of omega-3 instead of fish.

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