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I was watching Regina’s Vegetarian Table this weekend and was psyched because I had almost all the ingredients that she used in her first recipe. I did have to run to Giant to pick up some vegetable boullion cubes, but otherwise I think I had it all.

So last night became an experimental dinner night where I made Riboletta. I halfed the recipe expecting 3-4 servings, but it was more like 2 servings and I found I needed to use slightly more water than recommended. Total preparation and cooking time came out to a little over an hour. I used the recipe I linked to as is, except I used whole wheat bread in place of French bread, cheap parmesan instead of freshly grated parmesan, and I left out the brandy. I used “Great Northern Beans” as my bean of choice.

The end result was a tasty blend of spices and simple ingredients that really felt warm going down. It’s probably better as a side dish, but works well as the main course for a smaller dinner, as well.