Last night I went to a hockey game with a group of people, and beforehand we all went to Fuddruckers. As you can imagine, it’s not exactly the most vegetarian-friendly place, but as long as a restaurant has salads, I’m fine.

Now, even when I ate meat, I went to a Fuddruckers and had a burger there that was, quite literally, the worst burger I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not exaggerating: 40% of the burger was fat. But, even with that experience, I hoped I could at least get a little something to eat.

So I notice that they had a “Portabella Mushroom Burger” available. Even though I had a whole Portabella the night before, I was going to get this. Now, even though every Portabella Mushroom burger I’ve ever gotten in a restaurant has no meat (it doesn’t need it if you get a nice huge ‘shroom on there), I figured I’d better ask. I’m glad I did, because the woman who took my order looked at me like I was crazy. “No… it has beef…”

So I settled for a garden salad. Easy, right? I could have probably fixed one myself from the fixings bar in a couple minutes. However, even though I was the second person to order and I was the only one that didn’t order a burger, I was the last in our group of nine to get my dinner. We figured everyone there must have tripped out, “Boss! Someone just ordered a salad! What do we do?”

To top it off, the lettuce was brown and there were hardly any veggies. Yum.

Take on 60 Minutes II piece

One interesting part of last night’s 60 Minutes II report (full report now transcribed online) is that GE foods are a much bigger controversy in Europe than in the United States. Apparently some stores will refuse to carry any products that have any genetically engineered ingredients, and it’s not unusual for there to be protesters in the street over the subject.