Taste of Vietnam


I went with Alex today to lunch at Taste of Vietnam across the street from my work. I’d eaten there a few times before and was moderately impressed by their vegetarian offerings. They have 10-15 dishes for vegetarians and the two I had were OK. But today, wow. I had wheat gluten (which doesn’t sound all that appetizing, but really is) covered in a caramel soy sauce and topped with black pepper. It was outstanding.

Alex, who is also vegetarian, had a similar dish, but with curry. He gave his the thumbs up as well.

Each of them went for $6.95. Not bad at all.

3 Responses to “Taste of Vietnam”

  1. Robert

    Does the caramel soy sauce actually taste like caramel? I don’t think I could handle that for lunch.

  2. Ryan

    I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but it’s not like caramel on ice cream — it’s a more subtle flavor. It really is quite good… and the pepper gave it an excellent aroma.

  3. Kenny

    Caramel Soy Sauce? It probably mean’s the soy sauce has been reduced? So it’s slightly heavier and thicker?

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