Ads pulled from Love Sponge’s show


As an update to an earlier story, ads are pulled from Bubba’s show where a live boar was slaughtered as a gimmick on the show.

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  1. Robert

    “We don’t tolerate any cruelty to animals and as an advertiser we look for a station to have the integrity to address issues and never air offensive programming,” said Denny’s spokeswoman Debbie Atkins.

    It sounds like Denny’s will be on the make-up tour longer than the Greaseman!

  2. Robert

    You probably saw the update that Bubba has now been charged. Bravo.

  3. mike

    Another update: Bubba was charged and thank god he was aquitted. This is because there was no cruelty to animals to speak of, my friends. I listened to the radio broadcast live, and the animal was slaughtered humainly and according the state specifications. It was killed no differently than on a farm.

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