Veganism featured on tonight’s Fox 5 news

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If you live in the DC area, tonight on the 10 O’Clock News on Fox 5 will be a report on vegetarianism and veganism in teens. The forboding voice-over used words like “popular among teens,” “fad,” and “NO MEAT!” Sometimes Fox 5 will do OK investigative reports, but sometimes it’s clear that they’re just trying to fill up their one-hour timeslot. We’ll see tonight which this report will be.

A close call

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I had a close call this weekend: I was offered a bite of a bagel with egg. As I bit in, I noticed something… with my mouth full I mumbled, “What the hell is this?” pointing at bacon that was hiding under the egg. I proceeded to spit my mouthful into the trash.

It was just an honest mistake with no actual intention of trying to “turn me back.” :)

Pasta Fagioli with Cabbage

I tried another dish this weekend from the Short-Cut Vegetarian cookbook. This one was more successful than the first and is one I plan on revisiting: Pasta Fagioli with Cabbage.

This stew-like dish started with leeks sauted in olive oil, and then boiled with water, vegetable stock powder, Italian herbs, orzo, cabbage, pasta sauce with chunks of vegetables, chickpeas, salt and pepper, basil, balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese. The end result was thick and hearty and quite tasty.