Read those labels…


Old, but notable: herbal supplements may contain cow glands and organs. Something vegetarians might not think about.

Another example of the importance of reading labels: did you know that worchestshire sauce has anchovies? However, I found a number of “vegetarian” recipes on the web that had worchestshire sauce in them.

Robert also pointed out to me last night that Bar-B-Q Baked Lay’s have chicken fat. In fact, a number of Frito-Lay products have animal products in them that wouldn’t be immediately apparent.

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  1. Jen

    I’m just trying to catch up on your entries, now that I’ve found this blog. I hope your comment system notifies you of new comments- even on old entries!

    Anyway – there are vegetarian worchestershire sauces. Read the labels – I found one in my normal grocery store. I think it was Angostura brand, but since I’m not at home, I can’t double check. :-) If you can’t find one, soy sauce is usually a suitable substitue.

  2. Ryan

    Yup, I get notices of new comments (others don’t, though)…

    I saw a recipe for veggie Worchestershire sauce just yesterday…

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