Read those labels…


Old, but notable: herbal supplements may contain cow glands and organs. Something vegetarians might not think about.

Another example of the importance of reading labels: did you know that worchestshire sauce has anchovies? However, I found a number of “vegetarian” recipes on the web that had worchestshire sauce in them.

Robert also pointed out to me last night that Bar-B-Q Baked Lay’s have chicken fat. In fact, a number of Frito-Lay products have animal products in them that wouldn’t be immediately apparent.

Kitchen experiments


I got all experimental last night in the kitchen. I decided to just take random veggies that I had in the fridge and cook ’em up together.

I started with a little organic first cold-pressed olive oil in a frying pan and added yucca root (cassava), lettuce, kale, corn, peas, cauliflower, and a little Lightlife Gimmie Lean fake sausage. I topped it off with a dash of basil and some curry powder. After the olive oil dissipated, I added some brewed Silver Needle White Tea in the pan and let the ingredients simmer in that for a few minutes.

The end result was surprisingly good! The white tea flavor had just barely seeped into the veggies and the fake sausage gave things a nice spice. I was proud of myself. :)