Using that old pumpkin

We had our Halloween pumpkin still sitting around our house, and since we hadn’t carved it, we figured we could still use it to cook up some dishes. Fortunately, we were right, and though it was difficult to cut, using half the pumpkin, Huyen managed to make two pumpkin pies and a batch of (get this) pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They all turned out very well and it was nice to be able to use that $12 pumpkin for something other than just sitting on our porch for a week.

Battle of the Fake Foods

Battle of the Fake Foods

Paul serves up his take on various vegetarian equivalents of meat foods. Considering he’s not vegetarian, it’s interesting to hear to comparisons from someone who still eats meat.

On an unrelated note, make sure you read the two entries below this—for whatever reason, they didn’t publish when I originally wrote them.

Vegetarian horror eats

On the 6th I went to NJ for an Exhumed Films post-holiday get-together. Everyone brought food and we hung out and watched some trashy movies on the big screen. What’s interesting is that there were a number of vegetarians there. Vegetarian horror fans: “We’ll watch killings but won’t eat anything that’s been killed.” Exhumed Films regular Anthony also pointed this out in his Cult-Con 2000 review.

One of the dishes that was served was a vegetarian (vegan if eaten without cheese) burrito. It was incredible—the Morningstar Recipe Crumbles were cooked up just right… the right spices, the right consistency, everything. I was quite impressed.

My goal for this week: try at least one receipe from one of my Moosewood cookbooks.