Organic bananas

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Dole to Sell Organic Bananas

I don’t like bananas, but this is good news, nonetheless.

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  1. Emma Haapamaki-Hazard

    Looking for someone “in the know”… Bought a bunch of organic bananas from Tesco store. Originate from Columbia, apparently -problem is, I found some type of EGGS, POSSIBLY SPIDER?The egg sac itself is medium thickness, soft, and of white “web”. Very “solid”. The eggs within are small, yellow, and slightly ellongate “balls”. There is possibly around 120 or so of these eggs. Does anyone know anything? I would love to be contacted via e-mail, since I won’t find my way back to this page. At the moment, the affected banana is kept in a sealet “lunchbox”, in a cool room. I would not like to harm these eggs. Advice as to whom to contact would be nice!
    I live in the UK.

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