Organic dairy


Even if you’re not vegetarian or don’t usually worry about buying organic products, Horizon Organic Dairy is worth checking out. Their milk is about twice as much as non-organic, store brand milk, but consider this:

  • Organic milk actually stays good considerably longer than non-organic milk. I buy a half-gallon and use it mainly just for cereal in the morning, and it hasn’t gone bad on me yet. I used to buy a quarter-gallon of store brand milk for cereal and it would often go bad before I even could finish it.
  • Horizon’s cows are not mistreated. This doesn’t just matter from an animal-rights POV, but from a health standpoint as well. Overworked cows that are cramped in little areas and given BGH to increase their milk production end up excreting pus and blood from lesions in their udders. To be used for Horizon milk, the cows are allowed to roam and exercise and only give milk on their natural cycle. They’re even given massages!
  • It’s been shown that organic farming is better for the environment, so Horizon farms are all certified organic (without pesticides for three years or more), meaning the cows don’t ingest any unnatural chemcials.

Food for thought the next time you’re picking out milk at the supermarket.