The Campaign to Label Genertically Engineered Foods

The Campaign to Label Genertically Engineered Foods is a worthwhile visit, as is this related news item about John Hagelin’s testimony to the EPA about the dangers of genetically modified food.

I’m no scientist, but I’d rather not have people toying around with vegetables and fruits… if something goes wrong, it’s likely to cause irreversible damage since once a mutant gene spreads, it’s near impossible to stop.

A good example is the recent Taco Bell incident and this related Cheetos story. Greenpeace recently stopped a ship in protest.

The vegan hip-hop anthem

A hip-hop anthem exists for vegans/raw foodists (though as an ovo-lacto vegetarian, I can still dig it): Dead Prez’s oustanding “Be Healthy” from their album titled Let’s Be Free. You can read the lyrics, but note that there are a few transcription errors (“myatal stew”?! try “ital stew”—using actual words is helpful).

United Way v.s. Vegetarian Charities

According to VegSource, the United Way of Los Angeles is taking shots at vegetarian/environmental charities. While their Free the Asparagus campaign video was stupid, it wasn’t really offensive. The group also took out a half-page “Save the Asparagus” ad that said “Each day, they face an enemy more deadly than insects, rodents, or drought: vegetarians.” Again—stupid, uncreative, and poorly targeted… but offensive? I didn’t think so.