National Organic Standards Released

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National Organic Standards Released

This is good to see: national organic standards. Funny quote of the article: “The food industry has been concerned that national standards could lead consumers to think that organic products are safer or healthier than conventional foods.” Um—how is having food that’s genetically engineered or has pesticides sprayed all over it as healthy as organically grown produce? It’s not.

Now if we can just get the government to reward organic farmers, there will be more incentive for them to grow their crops that way (it’s very expensive for them to do so now).

Thanks to Robert for passing this along.

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  1. Dan Ault

    I have a question. I recently saw the most F**KED UP video in the world about how badly animals are mistreated. Meatmen beating up chickens, and throwing cinder blocks on top of live pigs’ heads. No more bacon for me. Later in the movie, (released by PETA) it showed a disgusting, beaten up, infected (pussing from the eyes and mouth) cow, being milked (savagely) regardless of its condition, and they bottled it up as US grade A milk. I had cookies and milk in my stomach watching this, and wanted to puke. Where can i buy milk from that doesnt torture its animals halfway to death for sadistic pleasure? Why don’t robots care for these animals, it seems humans are simply TOO EVIL.

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