Soy pizza


Last night I made a mighty fine soy-based pizza (perhaps classified vegan, I’m not sure)…

  • Oragnic soy cheese
  • Muir Glen organic Italian herb tomato sauce
  • Yves’ soy pepperoni
  • A dash of organic, first cold pressed olive oil
  • (the weak link) Giant brand crust

It was my first shot at a homemade pizza with no dairy… the end result was really quite good. And all the ingredients came from Giant—not a specialty store!

2 Responses to “Soy pizza”

  1. lily

    how do i make pizza dough , out of soy dough, i want to make soy pizza, please help..lily

  2. Cory Rauhaus

    Answer Lily..I need to know how to make soy dough for my soy Pizza!! This is for my class assignment. Thank You!! Cory

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