Semi-rare veggies

Some semi-rare stuff I’ve had since my fiancee’s mom has been in town: yucca, rambutans (known in Vietnamese as chom choms), and mangosteens. All get the thumbs up.

I used to hate it…

I’ve noticed that since I’ve become vegetarian, I am appreciating more and more things that I’ve “hated” my whole life. Like mushrooms—as recently as two weeks ago, the taste of mushrooms (all kinds) disgusted me. I’d try one and then pick the rest off of whatever I was eating. Then, out of nowhere, I had a portabella ‘shroom and I really liked it. I went back and tried another type of mushroom and liked that, too. Considering my lifelong distaste for mushrooms, I’m surprised the change-over happened so suddenly.

Other things I enjoy now that I didn’t before: eggplant and squash/zucchini. The real test will be if I start liking sweet potatoes or raw broccoli.

National Organic Standards Released

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National Organic Standards Released

This is good to see: national organic standards. Funny quote of the article: “The food industry has been concerned that national standards could lead consumers to think that organic products are safer or healthier than conventional foods.” Um—how is having food that’s genetically engineered or has pesticides sprayed all over it as healthy as organically grown produce? It’s not.

Now if we can just get the government to reward organic farmers, there will be more incentive for them to grow their crops that way (it’s very expensive for them to do so now).

Thanks to Robert for passing this along.

Soy pizza


Last night I made a mighty fine soy-based pizza (perhaps classified vegan, I’m not sure)…

  • Oragnic soy cheese
  • Muir Glen organic Italian herb tomato sauce
  • Yves’ soy pepperoni
  • A dash of organic, first cold pressed olive oil
  • (the weak link) Giant brand crust

It was my first shot at a homemade pizza with no dairy… the end result was really quite good. And all the ingredients came from Giant—not a specialty store!